Many of us buy all sorts of toiletries and they tend to be quite expensive. However, going without certain items is not possible and therefore that means that you might feel you have no choice but to pay out lots of money. There are things that you could consider doing which might help reduce the cost though.

  • Switch to cheaper brands – you will find that most toiletries will have a selection of brands that make similar products. This means that you might benefit from changing brands to one that is cheaper. You will need to be careful as sometimes cheaper brands are not so good or they may be less concentrated so you need to use more of them. However, trying some out could mean that you will find a brand that you really like that is cheaper, so give it a go. You could find that you are paying out significantly more than necessary.
  • Buy from cheaper retailers – if you like specific brands then make sure that you shop around. For example, supermarkets tend to be more expensive than some budget pharmacies. You might even be able to find the items cheaper online, especially if you can buy in bulk. You may find that the very lowest budget stores may not be so good though. Sometimes they sell fakes or they sell smaller sized items so you think it is cheaper but you are getting less and therefore you may either not be saving money or you may be paying out more.
  • Use less at a time– Some people use too much of a product that they buy. They might waste it or just use more than necessary. So be careful and make sure that you are not using unnecessary amounts or else you could be spending a lot more money than you need to. For example, shampoo need only be a pea sized amount and many people use more. Too much and it dries out the hair which will then need extra conditioning so you use more of that.
  • Reduce your range – some people like a big variety of products. Although this is lovely it could mean that items have to be thrown away before they are finished. For example, you may find that creams dry up or lose their scent or that make up dries up and cracks. It might therefore be better to stick to a few basics and then when they run out pick something a bit different for next time. It might be less fun to have less of a variety but it will save waste. Also, before you buy something new, sort through what you have and see if there is anything that you can use up first.
  • Do not use so many items – we can sometimes feel that we have to use all sorts of beauty items in order to fit in or feel good. This can lead us to buying all sorts of things. We might have night creams, day creams, moisturisers, perfumes, nail polish, make-up, shower gel, hair products etc and it can all really add up. It can be a good idea to take stock and think about why you are using all of these products and whether they are worth the money that you are paying for them as well as the time it takes to apply them. Obviously, we want to stay clean, tidy and smelling good but it is easy to be convinced by marketing giants that we need all sorts of extras to this when it may not be necessary at all.

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