The Fingerprint Society Aziz ul Haque and Hem Chandra Bose prize
This will be offered to an innovative project in the area of forensic identification with high potential to make an impact in the field.

Aziz ul Haque and Hem Chandra Bose, were two Indian officers recruited by Sir Edward Henry to utilise anthropometry in the advancement of the science.  It was ul Haque who first derived the subdivision of fingerprints records into 1024 different groups that became the basis of the system for fingerprint classification, subsequently credited to Sir Edward Henry and is universally called the Henry system of classification.  The role of Haque and Bose has long been recognised within the worldwide fingerprint community.  The Fingerprint Society has decided that the contribution of these two pioneers, who were young researchers employed in developing forensic identification methods, should be recognised by encouraging others who are similarly engaged.

In keeping with the aim of promoting a worldwide interest in developing forensic identification amongst today’s students and practitioners, the prize seeks to encourage those who have an interest in furthering our understanding of the uses of forensic identification.

  1. There will be three categories of prize winner.  These are:
    1. undergraduate student project
    2. postgraduate student project
    3. practitioner project
  2. The prize will be awarded to the most outstanding piece of original and previously unpublished work by anyone fulfilling the criteria outlined in 1 above that advances any part of our understanding of forensic identification.
  3. The person that is awarded the prize must be a member of the Society.
  4. Entries to be received by 30th September for consideration for that calendar year.

Consideration for the Prize

  1. Persons wishing to have their project considered for the prize should submit an electronic summary of their project, in clear written English, that is a maximum of four sides of text A4 using an arial font (size 12 points) electronically.  Figures and tables to support the research can also be included, either as appendices or placed in the text.  The summary should include introduction, methods, results and conclusions.  Details of where to submit will be on the Fingerprint Society website. 
  2. The project summary should be supported by a signed statement, of no more than a single A4 sheet, from the academic supervisor/line manager, confirming that the project is the person’s own work and supporting the person’s consideration for the prize.
  3. The work will be considered for publication in the Fingerprint Society journal.
  4. No individual may apply for consideration for award for the same piece of work more than once.
  5. The prize-winners will be invited to present their work at a Fingerprint Society seminar or conference.

Judgement of the Award

  1. The award of the Haque and Bose prize will be decided by an appointed group from within the Fingerprint Society.
  2. The appointed group have the right to decide that no project is worthy of the award.
  3. The work will be judged on the following criteria:
    1. Impact
    2. Innovation
    3. Quality of the investigative approach
    4. Presentation
    5. Ethical considerations
  1. The decision of the appointed group will be final with no right of appeal.
  2. The award will be made to the prize-winner at the annual Spring Fingerprint Society Conference.


The awards will consist of:

    An application form can be found on our downloads page.

    If you have a query regarding the Haque and Bose prize, please e-mail